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The T5MM (T5 Mag Module) has been designed around securing the Samsung T5 SSD to your camera rig while also making it super fast to switch drives on the go.

The T5MM allows you to use the T5 SSD just like a SSD Mag that you would find on cinema cameras. It also protects the drive from being disconnected or damaged during day to day operation of the camera rig.

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Unlike other solutions on the market, the T5MM has been designed to securely hold the T5 SSD and protect the USB Type C cable.

With a 1/4-20 screw hole and a large 1/4-20 slot, the mounting options for the T5MM are unlimited. This means you can mount directly on top of your camera using a single 1/4-20, or if you have a cage you can make use of multiple screws and mount with the slot as well. The slot design allows for multiple cage designs to be used as not everyone sticks to the same thread distance.

The rear M3 bolt (highlighted in red) allows for securing the USB cable if desired. Though we are using high quality components on our circuit boards that grip onto the cable very well.

The T5MM made from CNCed aluminium and has a black anodized finish.

Included are two 1/4-20 matte black screws for mounting as well as a M3 bolt for optional cable clamp if you need it.

We have made the T5MM as small as possible. Just larger than the T5 SSD it wont be too large for even the smallest of rigs.And because of our integrated USB Type C socket, the USB cable does not stick out as much compared to other mounts. This makes for an even smaller footprint than none mag like mounts.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 20 mm


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